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 Sept. 2011: Neutrinos traveling faster than light ? Geneva, 23 September 2011. The OPERA experiment observes a neutrino beam from CERN 730 km away at Italy.s INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory. The OPERA result is based on the observation of over 15000 neutrino events measured at Gran Sasso, and appears to indicate that the neutrinos travel at a velocity 20 parts per million above the speed of light, nature.s cosmic speed limit. Given the potential far-reaching consequences of such a result, independent measurements are needed before the effect can either be refuted or firmly established. The collaboration.s result is available on the preprint server .

 Nov. 2009: The American Physical Society has selected Felix Campelo, former Ph.D. student of the ECM Department (Advisor: Aurora Hernandez-Machado)  as the recipient of the first Award for Oustanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Biological Physics 2008. F. Campelo will have the opportunity to present an invited talk at the APS March Meeting to be held in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. March 15-19, 2010

 Nov. 2009: Geneva, 23 November 2009. Today the LHC circulated two beams simultaneously for the first time, allowing the operators to test the synchronization of the beams and giving the experiments their first chance to look for proton-proton collisions. With just one bunch of particles circulating in each direction, the beams can be made to cross in up to two places in the ring. From early in the afternoon, the beams were made to cross at points 1 and 5, home to the ATLAS and CMS detectors, both of which were on the lookout for collisions. Later, beams crossed at points 2 and 8, ALICE and LHCb.
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 Oct. 2009: El Dr. Xavier Moya, actualment investigador postdoctoral a la Universitat de Cambridge, i ex-estudiant de doctorat del nostre Departament (Director de Tesi: Prof.. LLuis Mañosa) ha estat guardonat amb el Premi Ramon Margalef d'enguany, atorgat pel Consell Social de la UB al millor treball cientific associat a una tesi doctoral dins de la Universitat de Barcelona.

 2009: Taller de Física de Partícules (Masterclass) "Hands on Particle Physics"

 2008: Acte de Gran Seniority, Dijous 26 de Juny 2008