Russo, Jorge

Linies de recerca:
General Interest:
String Theory and Quantum Field theory

Current Research:  
D-branes and Susy Gauge Theories. 
Non-Commutative Field Theories and Strings. 
Non-relativistic strings. 
Exotic Non-linear realizations. 
Galilei and Newton Hooke Groups.
Kac-Moody  Symmetries of  Supergravity. 
Theories with Lorentz Violation

Projectes i grups de recerca:

- Assessora Madrid. MCYT FPA 2004-04582-C02-01. Investigador Principal.
- EC-RTN project MRTN-CT_2004-005104. Investigador Principal node Barcelona.
- Grup de Recerca Consolidat Generelitat Catalunya.Cirit GC 2005sgr-00564. Participant.