Mañosa, Lluís

Linies de recerca:
 Phase transitions in systems with interplay between structure, magnetism, 
and disorder, from experimental point of view.

Topics of present interest: 

- Phase stability and vibrational properties of materials 
- Magnetic shape-memory materials 
- Precursor phenomena to phase transitions  
- Magnetocaloric effect 
- Hysteresis and avalanches in disordered systems 

Projectes i grups de recerca:
TITLE: Multiscale modelling and characterization for phase transformations in advanced materials (MULTIMAT)
Project No. MAT2007-61200, Marie-Curie RTN MULTIMAT (EU), Contract No.
Total amount: 3.709.363,38 Eur; Barcelona team: 319.734,23 Eur
DURATION: October 2004 to September 2008
Coordinator: D. Schryvers (Antwerp) 
Barcelona team leader: A. Planes

Grups consolidats SGR (Catalonia)
Grup Materials: Transicions de Fase i Propietats Magnètiques i de Transport
Project No. 2005SGR00969
Total amount: 42.200 Eur.
Coordinator: A.Planes 

Magnetismo y estructura en aleaciones funcionales
CICyT (Spain). Contract nº MAT2007-61200 
Total amount:  271.040 Eur.
DURATION: Ocober 2007 to September 2010
Coordinator: Ll. Mañosa