Mañosa, Lluís

Structure and Magnetism in Functional Materials, ed. by A. Planes, Ll. Mañosa and A. Saxena, Springer Series in Materials Science, vol. 79,
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg 2005, (ISBN: 3- 540-23672-4)

Review papers

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Selected Papers

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Recent Papers

T. Krenke, E. Duman, M. Acet, E.F. Wassermann, X. Moya, Ll. Mañosa, A. Planes, E. Suard, B. Ouladdiaf 
Magnetic superelasticity and inverse magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Mn-In  
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E. Bonnot, R. Romero, X. Illa, Ll. Mañosa, A. Planes, E. Vives 
Hysteresis in a system driven by either generalized force or displacement variables: Martensitic phase transition in single-crystalline Cu-Zn-Al  
Memoria del Departament