We have reserved 25 rooms at the Residence for Guest Scientists
of the CSIC. This comfortable residence is very conveniently located
in the center of an old and colourful quarter (Raval). It can be easily
reached by foot or a very short metro ride from Plaša Catalunya,
where both the train and buses from the airport arrive.

The cost of accommodation is
Single room (two nights: in 28/3 out 30/3) 94.50 Euro
Double room (two nights: in 28/3 out 30/3) 133.00 Euro
Payment has to be made directly to the Residence
Should more rooms be needed, a nearby hotel would be used.

The venue of the meeting, the historic building of the
Rectorate of the Universitat de Barcelona is just a 10 minute
walk from the residence. See the main page for maps.

On your way you will walk by the Library of Catalonia (housed in
a medieval complex of buildings that was actually the first location
of the Universitat de Barcelona), the Museum of Contemporary Art
of Barcelona, the Center for Contemporary Culture and the construction
site of the new School of Humanities of the UB.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around.