First Year Subjects


Advanced Solid State M.A. García Bach
Critical Phenomena and Renormalization Group J.M. Sancho, J.M. López1
Growth Phenomena and Condensed Matter A. Planes, T. Lookman2
Soft Condensed Matter Physics I. Pagonabarraga
Nanoscale Physics O. Bulashenko, M. Rubí
Complex Systems Physics C. Pérez, G. Franzese
Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics X. Viñas, M. Centelles, N. Sadulescu4
Galaxy Formation and Evolution E. Salvador, J. Labay
Non-linear Physics J. Casademunt
Radiation Interaction and Transport F. Salvat
Advanced Statistical Mechanics M.C. Miguel, M. Rubí
Introduction to Biophysics F. Ritort
Standard Model D. Espriu, J. Guasch
Methods of Numerical Simulation Ll. Garrido, E. Vives
Elementary particles R. Graciani, A. Pineda
Particles and Cosmology J. Solà
Advanced General Relativity R. Emparan
Quantum Field Theory E. Verdaguer
Quantum N-body theory A. Polls/ M. Pi
Gauge Theories J.I. Latorre, E. Álvarez3
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information J. Eschner
Self-organization in out-of-equilibrium systems J.Wagensberg

1 20 hours, from 02-05-06 to 12-05-06, Mo-Fr, 11:30-13:30, Aula 325-06
220 hours, from 02-05-06 to 12-05-06
320 hours, from 18-04-06 to 28-04-06
46 hours, from 15-05-06 to 18-05-06, Mo-Th, 15:00-16:30, Aula 505