High points of my career

1975: First Moments, Madrid. Spain.
1981: First Bicycle, Sevilla, Spain.
1993: First Step in Facultad de Fisica, Sevilla, Spain.
1998: Good Bye to Facultad de Fisica, Sevilla, Spain.
1999: PhD Grant at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.
2003: Doctor U. of Salamanca, supervised by A. Valcarce
2003: Postdoc position with D.O. Riska, Helsinki Institute of Physics, U. of Helsinki.
2004: Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado (Doctorate Award), Salamanca.
2004: Research Associate with F. Tabakin, U. of Pittsburgh, USA
2005: Postdoc with B. Saghai, DAPNIA/CEA Saclay, France.
2006: Juan de la Cierva Researcher with A. Ramos, U. de Barcelona, Spain.
2007: JSPS Fellow at T. Sato's group, U. of Osaka (2 months), Japan.
2009: Postdoctoral Researcher-CPAN, U. de Barcelona, Spain.
2011: Postdoctoral Researcher, with N. Barberan, U. de Barcelona/ICFO, Spain.
2012: Ramon y Cajal researcher (Lewenstein's group) ICFO, Spain.
2013: Ramon y Cajal researcher (Dpt. ECM) U. Barcelona, Spain.
2017: Ramon y Cajal researcher (Talent Retingut) (Dpt. FQA) U. Barcelona, Spain.
2017: Assistant Professor (Professor Agregat) (Dpt. FQA) U. Barcelona, Spain.
2021: Professor (CatedrĂ tic) (Dpt. FQA) U. Barcelona, Spain.