Some pictures with colleagues


Signing the Okinawan peace with Dr. Grass, C3Q2 conference in OIST (2013).

With V. Ahufinger and T. Grass at the C3Q2 conference in OIST (2013).


Sant Albert game 2012, students vs non-students.


With Alexey, David, Albert, Seleema and Ricard eating some pizzas in Benasque! And two of the above and Marina discussing whether to RAP or to STIRAP... Benasque (2011).


With TBA, Maria, Estela, Isaac, Alvaro, Ravshan, Jorge, Choi and Gilberto at the European Few Body, EFB21 conference in Salamanca (2010).


With Raquel, Rafel, Daniel, Alberto, Jacobo, David, Paco, Laura y Jenifer, looking for alligators, only to find ducks. Pic by JRPelaez at the Hadron09 conference in Florida (2009).

With Maya, Itamar, James, Ghazal,Mohamed, Jeremy, Marina, Alex and Ioannis having a beer in the NeuStadt in Dresden (2009) after quite a lot of tunneling

With G. Ramalho, H. Kamano, A. Calle-Cordon, Hans and M. Schegel eating some good stuff in Summer of 2009 in JLAB

Mainz2009 With Dr. C. Hanhart at the MAMI and Beyond meeting, 2009.Photo: J. Gegelia


controlling Angels, Loraine, Frank, Isaac, Artur, Volodya, and (part of) Marco at the "Tabakin's special event" Apr 2008 (+one waiter)

controlling Laura, Angels, Eric, Isaac, Chumi, Estela and Dani at the department Banana-Break witnessing a very exciting moment in a nearby construction! January 2008 (photo Volodya)


With Barbara, Harry and Chinmei, Dieter and Toru, Chicago 2007 (photo by Aya)

With Sato-san, Suzuki-kun, Kamikado-kun, Yamanaka-kun and Ikeda(now san) and other members of the Dept in Osaka, 2007

With Estela, Isaac, Assum, Charlotte, Angels, Steven and Esther Moszkowski, Barcelona 2007

With Viviane, Jerome, Volodya, Ross, Eric, Isaac and Charlotte at Robles, Barcelona 2007.

With Dr. Ross Young in his first visit to Barcelona, 2007!


With Charlotte, Angels, Johan, Arnau, Rosa and Isaac, at Roure, (2006)


Edward and Jake Gerjuoy and Lorrain and Frank Tabakin, at Mallorca, Pittsburgh! 2005

With Dr. Lorenzo Martin, a.k.a. Cinta, playing pool and tasting some American beer at Argonne in 2005.


J. Ruppert, Laura Tolos, Isaac Vidaña, Teresa Peña, Gerald E. Brown, Jiri Mares in Goteborg 2004

With Mr. Antti Vaihkonen in my Helsinki Office, 2004

With A. Szczepaniak, J.M. Richard, A. Szczurek, M. Moshinsky, D. Peaslee, et al. in Indianapolis 2004

With Karl-Heinz, Olivia, Tamara, Mischa, Tim, Alexei, Vitali in Grenoble 2004

With Oscar and Timo Lähde in Vienna 2004


With Mr. Javier Vijande in Salamanca 2003


Eliecer y Florencio  Cano en Trento, 2002


Harry Lee, Argonne 2001

Dani, Paco, Dolors, Juan, Laura and Assum, Praha 2001


benasque Benasque,summer 2000.


Sauer's Group, Hannover 1999