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In this site you'll find information about my research. Since 2000 I have been following the physicist way, which includes a good old PhD and several postdocs here and there (mostly here, now that time allows to say). During this time I've done my best to share all we have been doing with other researchers, this is in the publications section. Nowadays I mostly concentrate on atomics physics and hadronic physics. Check out the current projects in which I am involved.
If you would like to join our group or pay us a visit please send me an email and we'll see what we can do.


Jun 15
David Lopez, Pere Mujal and Gerard Pelegrí have defended their master thesis within the Master in Advanced Physics. In the picture with A. Polls right after the event.
Jan 15
A brief description of the "Applied quantum mechanics" excersises I imparted during the fall of 2014 can be found here
July 14
Our colleagues from Padova, L. Dell'Anna, G. Mazzarella, and Luca Salasnich, paid us a brainstorming visit. Now we have three "startup" projects to move!
Feb 14
Axel Pérez-Obiol defends his PhD thesis.
Dec 13
Haibo Qiu flies back! here a pic with Miguel Angel Garcia March and Artur Polls, now we are all measure synchronized...roughly.
Oct 13
Dr. Haibo Qiu (Xi'An) joined us for a three month visit.
Sep 13
David Raventós and Abel Yuste start their master. Here a pic from the "last" day of their summer internship.
Aug 13
Paper on Quantum chaos with ions published in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Jul 13
Marina Melé Messeguer defends her PhD thesis.
Jul 13
Abel Yuste and David Raventós working with us during summer2013
Jul 13
Nanoplasmonics traps paper accepted in Nature Communications
Jun 13

Lab Talk on our recent paper here

Summer project in ultracold atoms. Details here

Apr 13
Tobias Grass defends his PhD at icfo, Aprl 23rd, 14:00
Jan 13
Invited to participate at: De professió investigador(a): Consells per guiar la teva carrera científica", Fundació Recerca

Last publications

Feb 15
Superpositions of Tonks-Girardeau and the Bose-Fermi mapping.
Jan 15
Semifluxons in bose-hubbard trimers

Fragmented condensation in BH trimers

Nov 14
Two nice papers on small 1D systems with Garcia-March et al

Quantum correlations and spatial localization

Distinguishability, degeneracy and fragmentation

Sep 14
Our first paper with H. Qiu (Xi'An) is out there.

Measure synchronization in quantum many-body

Jun 14
Our first paper with the Padova (Patavinum) collaborators.

Josephson and spin-orbit together

Jan 14
Topological phases

Small quantum samples: topological properties

Oct 13
D. Raventós first paper!

Edge of the bosonic integer Hall phase

Topological phases in small systems

A. Yuste's first paper!

Shortcut to adiabaticity in BJJ

Jul 13

Sharp quantum crossover

May 13

Quantum chaos in trapped ions

May 13

Nanoplasmonic traps

Oct 12

Quasihole dynamics

Research projects

Small ultracold atomic clouds

Bosonic Josephson junctions

Fractional quantum Hall effect

Hypernuclear decay

EFT for Lambda N -> NN




Nucleon resonances

EBAC (2006-2010)



Dr. Tobias Grass (with M. Lewenstein) 2014- postdoc at ICFO

Dr. Marina Mele-Messeguer (with A. Polls) 2014- InboundCycle

Dr. Axel Perez-Obiol (with A. Parreño) 2014- postdoc at REZ (Czech Republic)

Master thesis

Mr. David Lopez Nuñez (Feb-Jul 2015)
(with Prof. A. Polls)
Shortcuts to adiabaticity in spin1 systems

Mr. Gerard Pelegrí (Feb-Jul 2015)
(with Prof. A. Polls)
Small bose-fermi optical lattices

Mr. Pere Mujal (Feb-Jul 2015)
(with Prof. A. Polls)
Ground state entanglement properties of two Bosonic Josephson junctions

Mr. David Raventòs (Feb-Jul 2014)
(with Dr. T. Grass), Now at ICFO

Graduate Thesis (Treball de Grau)

Mr. Miguel Lebon (Feb-Jun 2015)
(with Prof. A. Polls) "Modified GP vs GP in elongated condensates"

Mr. Axel López Gandía (Feb-Jun 2014) "Properties of BEC in a mean-field description" PDF

Mr. David López (together with A. Polls) (Feb-Jun 2014) "Spectral functions and correlations in a BJJ" PDF

Treball d'empresa

Mr. Albert Escrivà Mañas (together with M. Guilleumas) (Feb-Jun 2014) "Estudi de la condensació de Bose-Einstein" PDF