Dr. Tobias Grass (with M. Lewenstein) 2014- postdoc at ICFO

Dr. Marina Mele-Messeguer (with A. Polls) 2014- InboundCycle

Dr. Axel Perez-Obiol (with A. Parreño) 2014-2017 postdoc at REZ (Czech Republic) 2017-postoc Kochi (Japan)

Master thesis

Mr. Alejandro Romero(Feb 2016-) (with Artur Polls)

Mr. Victor Camí (Feb 2016-) (with Artur Polls)

Mr. David López (Feb 2015-) (with Artur Polls)

Mr. Gerard Pelegrí (Feb 2015-) (with Artur Polls)

Mr. Pere Mujal (Feb 2015-) (with Artur Polls)

Mr. David Raventòs (Feb 2014-) (with Dr. T. Grass)

Submitted to PRA

Graduate Thesis (Treball de Grau)

Mr. Axel López Gandía (Feb-Jun 2014) "Properties of BEC in a mean-field description" PDF

Mr. David López (together with A. Polls) (Feb-Jun 2014) "Spectral functions and correlations in a BJJ" PDF

Treball d'empresa

Mr. Albert Escrivà Mañas (together with M. Guilleumas) (Feb-Jun 2014) "Estudi de la condensació de Bose-Einstein" PDF

Mecànica cuàntica aplicada

I was teaching the numerical part of the subject. The theory part is imparted by Prof. J. Taron. Click here for brief description of the subject.

Analisi Matematica

I was teaching first year calculus some time ago. We produced a textbook, which we later translated to catalan. Feel free to send comments/ammendments about it.

In catalan by J. Grande, with M. Guilleumas (2011)

Textbook with M. Guilleumas (2008)