Spatio temporal order in biophysical systems under fluctuations

Our group has been working for more than 20 years on the role of stochastic fluctuations or noises in different physical and biophysical problems. The main objective is to understand the emergence of order from cooperation between non linearities, spatial coupling and fluctuations. After having contributed to establish the existence of phenomena such as noise-induced phase transitions and patterns, in recent years we are focusing on problems such as patterns in tissues, molecular motors, intercellular coupling and anomalies in transport and diffusion.

group photo

D Frigola - M Suñé - D Palau

JC Luna - JM Sancho - M Ibañes - I Pavelescu


Funded by:


- "STOCHASTICITY IN NONLINEAR COMPLEX SYSTEMS" FIS2012-37655-C02-02. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

- "GRUP DE FÍSICA NO LINEAL" 2009SGR14, Generalitat de Catalunya.

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