Spatio temporal order in biophysical systems under fluctuations

Transport and diffusion on surfaces

We study the phenomena of anomalous diffusion, sub or super, when brownian particles move on a periodic or random surface under the influence of thermal noise and Stokes friction. We also study the sorting effects (separation of different particles) when an external field is present.

External fluctuations in active media

These systems support traveling pulses or waves and are described by a two-variable (activator-inhibitor) equations. Different dynamical patterns appear depending on the dimensionality of the space: from simple pulses in 1D to scroll rings in 3D. Our generic interest in this context is to demonstrate de striking effects of noise-driven excitability transitions. The excitability or activity of these system depend on the presence of external noise.

Noise induced phase transitions, patterns, fonts, ...

Here we study the noise effects on a homogeneous and macroscopic phase. A system initially in a stable phase evolves to a another more ordered phase by the influence of an external noise. Higher intensity of the noise renders the system to the original phase. Hence the noise controls sequently two phase transitions: ordering-disordering-ordering.

Brownian and molecular motors

These are nanodevices which transforms either the thermal chemical energy into mechanical work. The develop models and perform numerical and analytical calculations. (Image prepared with PyMol from a protein data bank file).